Greens is a cafe and salad bar specialising in healthy, eco-friendly produce. The owner wanted the logo to be simple and organic.
yoga by finnola
Finnola wanted a logo featuring a symmetrical symbol and eventually decided on a floral design.
The shape is cut out to represent the fluidity in yoga. I created a figure to represent her pregancy classes, influenced by the art of Matisse.
sheila shepherd, reflexologist
Using simple typography and a map of foot reflexology areas, this brand identity for Sheila Shepherd features a postcard, business cards and a loyalty card.
give blood campain
This is an advertising campaign for Give Blood which focuses on the naivety towards the importance of donating. My research found that only 4% of people would give blood, yet 96% would accept a donation if required. This emphasises how selfish people are and inspired the campaign tagline 'share'.